Teaching the Holocaust in the Context of Jewish History, Ethics and Identity

June 23rd - June 27th, 2008

Source: Facing History and Ourselves


Teaching the Holocaust in the Context of Jewish History, Ethics and Identity is a professional development course presented by Facing History and Ourselves in partnership with Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York (BJENY) that offers participants the opportunity to explore the connection between Jewish History and identity and the moral questions inherent in everyday life. Daily sessions will explore the Holocaust as a lesson not only in racism and antisemitism but also in courage, caring and compassion. Participants will learn multidisciplinary pedagogical approaches for teaching a course on the Holocaust that is grounded in a study of Jewish ethics and values.


In Facing History and Ourselves seminars the Holocaust is examined in a variety of disciplines including history, literature and the arts. Traditional
and modern Jewish texts are integrated into signature scope and sequence. Using Facing History's principal resource book, Holocaust and Human Behavior  and The Jews of Poland as
well as video, primary sources, and presentations by survivors and leading
scholars of the Holocaust, participants will experience a rigorous
encounter with this powerful history.


Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the rich and vibrant culture created by the Jews of Eastern Europe before the war, the dilemmas of ghetto life, the scope of Jewish resistance and the way history shapes Jewish identity today.


Following this Seminar, participants receive complete access to Facing
History's Online Campus, including downloadable unit plans, lessons, and
online conversations. In addition, participants are invited to borrow
videos, DVDs, and books from Facing History's lending library. Finally,
each participant is assigned a Facing History Program Associate, who is
available to provide ongoing support services.

Updated: Jun. 16, 2008