Announcing the Jewish School Census

September 12, 2016

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


Currently there is no comprehensive census of Jewish schools in North America, though many individual communities do collect information from schools in their area. A baseline census of Jewish schools would be an invaluable starting point for quantifying the struggle for relevancy that we know is taking place. By quantifying the struggle we can better begin to understand and address declining enrollment and decreasing membership rolls. Without an understanding of where we are today, we cannot measure the success of our efforts to improve Jewish education in North America.

This month, Navon is launching the first wave of a new Jewish School Census, focusing initially on part-time, supplemental Jewish schools. These schools remain the largest component of American Jewish education, yet we know very little about the scope of supplemental Jewish education in North America. An established baseline for enrollment at these schools would be an invaluable tool for professionals aiming to increase the relevancy and impact these schools have on their students. Updating that baseline every year can yield insight into how specific communities are able to “move the needle.”

Navon is seeking partners and collaborators of all kinds in this project. The 5-minute survey can be completed online, anonymously, or over the phone. We look forward to having dynamic conversations with professional and volunteer school leaders from across North America as all of us work to improve the quality, reach, and effectiveness of childhood Jewish education.

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Updated: Sep. 21, 2016