Koveah.org Creates Personalized Torah Learning Schedules


Source: Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future 


A new online learning tool from Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future is making it a little easier for anyone committed to Torah study to stay on track. Called Koveah.org, the online tool creates personalized learning schedules with daily reminders to keep users focused. Users can choose from a range of topics in Tanach, Mishna, Gemara, Rambam and Shulchan Aruch to study, then set their starting point, pace and the days of the week on which they would like to learn.

“I saw a need for a way to keep people on track to stick with their daily learning commitments, no matter what they take on,” said Rabbi Robert Shur, director of the CJF’s YUTorah.org, who conceived the program. “While Daf Yomi is great and there are other similar worthy daily learning programs that allow one to follow along with a standardized schedule, if someone needed something different or more specific, they had to be extremely disciplined to remain committed over the long term, which is a big reason why people don’t follow through on these commitments. Koveah.org allows you to individualize your daily learning and make sure you can keep up.”

The program is completely free and the entire text for each day’s learning is included in the email reminders in both English and Hebrew. Additional features will be rolled out soon. For more information, visit koveah.org

Updated: Jan. 04, 2017


Facebook comments:


I am interested in putting together a program of short daily learning options, targetting boys and girls who have just spent a year learning in Israel. The idea is that while one is in Yeshiva it is easy to commit to learning a daf a day/ a Perek of mishna a day etc. Please can you tell me of any very short daily learning options you have? Thanks
Hi Eliot I queried FB for some ideas that might help you. I will post them here. * Bentzi Spitz It doesn't get much shorter than https://tweetyomi.org/ Includes 7 different daily topics, in less than 140 characters each. Available by WhatsApp, email and on my Twitter and FB account. Of growing popularity with kids in army and university. * Reuven Spolter I teach Mishnah Yomit - two mishnayot a day via YouTube. Anyone can join the WhatsApp group and get the Mishnayot on their phone at bit.ly/dailymishnah. Happy to provide more information. * Zion Ozeri Please be in touch via Email, zionozeri@jewishlens.org * Sarah Davis Rudolph Deracheha.org doesn't have a daily thing, but does put out Sunday source sheets and things like that, and occasionally runs other programs - e.g. putting out short videos on Rut, a perek a week for the month leading up to Shavuos. * Sarah Davis Rudolph 929 English https://www.929.org.il/lang/en/today is a program to learn Tanach daily - a chapter a day - and there are short posts by a variety of writers, from a range of backgrounds/perspectives, on each chapter. * https://outorah.org/series/91 - OU Nach Yomi * https://www.tanachstudy.com/ B'Hatzlacha, Reuven Werber