Jednetworking at #ISTE2017

June 30, 2017

Source: TechRav Blog


I first attended the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (better known as ISTE) in Philadelphia in 2011 as a part of a cohort from the Avi Chai Foundation. The conference with over 15,000 educators all dedicated to meaningful integration of technology into their classrooms was overwhelming - but in a good way. For this year’s Jewish Educators Network Meetup at ISTE, the planning committee which consisted of myself, Michael Cohen, Seth Dimbert, Stew Greenberg, and Benny Gross, wanted to give Jewish educators the opportunity to present to the group as well as have ample time for follow-up discussion, and give away and raffle off some serious swag. We made a call for presentations, received many worthy respondents, and came up with the following program of 5-minute Ignite Style presentations:

  • Josh Bierman on System Security in Jewish Day Schools
  • Binyomin Segal on Setting School-wide Technology Goals
  • Debbie Harris on The SSDS innovation Studio: What We Learned in Year One
  • Michael Voskoboynik on Using Technology to Ensure the Legacy of the Shoah
  • Michael Cohen and Moshe Azizollahoff on New Developments in The Mercava 
  • Ben Forta an observant Jew who is the Senior Director of Education Initiatives at Adobe Edu about his experience at Adobe
  • Gary Hartstein of the Jewish Education Project, a sponsor of the event, about the new Tech for Learning Initiative 

Olivia Friedman took wonderful notes.

The Jewish Educators Network Meetup at ISTE was an exciting event which helped me and others learn further from our fellow Jewish educators. I am excited to see what further collaborations will stem from this gathering. I look forward to planning future sharing opportunities this year and attending the next Jednetwork meetup next year in Jerusalem (or if it is not yet in Jerusalem, to take place as scheduled at ISTE 2018 in Chicago).

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Updated: Jul. 06, 2017