Promoting Creativity and Innovation in Israel Education System - A Policy Perspective


Source: The A. Ofri MASHAV International Educational Training Center


Israel is considered to be a very creative country, due to the fact that the country is ranked very high in different indicators of innovation and creativity: It is considered to be a “Start Up Nation”, because of the high numbers of Startup companies that are being born within the country; It is ranked very high in the number of patents that are being registered in the US; and it had a number of Nobel Laureates over the last years. In an effort to understand and explain this characteristics, I will analyze the Israeli Education System, trying to identify different features that allows and encourage the development of creativity and innovation skills within the students and future citizens of Israel.

• A System that Serves a Heterogeneous Population

• Diversity in the Structure of the Education System

• Innovation and Creativity Inside of the Educational System: Division of Research and Development, Experiments and Initiatives

• Participation and integration of External Organizations, mainly NGOs, in the Educational Process

• Meaningful Learning Reform

Updated: Jul. 13, 2017