Israel Ministry of Education Launches New 'Transparency in Education' Website

August 22, 2017

Source: Ynet


The Israel Education Ministry launched a new website on Tuesday morning providing extensive data on high schools in Israel, illustrating that religious girls' schools are leading the pack in Israeli education performance. The parameters include high school diploma eligibility rates, grades, the extent of advanced placement classes and dropout rates. The data, which appears in a site titled "Transparency in Education" includes 21 parameters that are divided into four groups: learning and achievements, perseverance and dropping out, the education staff, and values and educational environment.

The data also includes several variables, including teachers' education, the rate of students diagnosed with learning disabilities, the percentage of students in special education, and the percentage of immigrant students.

Apart from the above, the website also includes the ministry's budgetary investments on the national, district, municipal and school levels, as well as a mapping of differential budgeting whose implementation is now entering its fourth year.

The high school diploma eligibility index refers to high schools and other educational institutions of at least 300 students.

Two religious girls' high schools led the list for high school diploma eligibility—the Kfar Pines ulpana in the Menashe Regional Council and the Bnei Akiva Even Shmuel ulpana—with 100 percent of students being eligible.

These two schools are joined at the top of the list by four other high schools for religious-Zionist girls, indicating a trend.

Ranked second after the religious girls' schools is the Beit Jann comprehensive high school, once again standing out with 99.5% of its students being eligible for a diploma. Tel Aviv's Shevah Mofet school boasts an almost similar record with 99.3%.

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Updated: Aug. 30, 2017


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