National Library of Israel Book of Genesis (Bereshit) Resource Pack

Oct. 06, 2017

Source: National Library of Israel


In 2016-7 (5777), Shosh Hill, from the Kerem Primary school in London, together with the NLI team, created weekly Parashat Hashavua newsletters featuring primary sources from the National Library and many creative ideas for primary school students and their families. The Genesis (Bereshit) resource pack presents resources from throughout modern Jewish history that can be connected to the first book of the Torah. This book covers the time period from the creation of the world until the Jewish people – numbering just 70 – descended to Egypt.

In this resource pack, you will find primary sources from the National Library of Israel each connecting to a specific parasha (weekly Torah portion). Some of the resources are directly connected to the story of the parasha, others relate to a topic that is mentioned in the parasha.

Each resource includes teaching suggestions, links to additional information, discussions points and creative ideas relating to this fascinating time period when the Jewish nation was born.

Updated: Oct. 25, 2017