Yad Vashem Jewish Educators Seminars


Source: Yad Vashem – The International School for Holocaust Studies


Yad Vashem has announced two seminars for Jewish educators this winter at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. A 10 day beginner seminar, Dec 21-Jan 1, 2009 for educators who do not have much experience teaching Holocaust Education and a 5 day Advanced Seminar, Dec. 21-28, 2008 focusing on Poetry, Music, Art, Memorials and Technology. Both seminars expose educators to cutting-edge curriculum, help them to formulate teaching strategies and discusses the relationship between Israel, the Shoah and the Diaspora.


Jewish Educators Seminar - Beginners


Approaches to teaching the Holocaust
December 21, 2008 – January 1, 2009

The seminar will deal with issues such as:

• Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy on Holocaust Education
• Current issues in Holocaust research and education
• Jewish life in different European communities before the war
• Historical overview of the Holocaust
• Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial
• Multi - Disciplinary and Age – Appropriate pedagogical units
• Intergenerational transmission of Holocaust memory
• Holocaust education and technology


Jewish Educators Advanced Seminar

Holocaust and Language Arts, Poetry, Literature, Art, Memorials
December 21, 2008 - December 28, 2008

This seminar is offered for Jewish educators who are course graduates or have proven experience in Holocaust education at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
Poetry, literature, art and memorials will be the focus of this course. Participants will engage in a variety of disciplines and be exposed to new ideas and methods of teaching and pedagogy. Participants will also be required to present their own projects and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

Updated: Sep. 28, 2008