Reading Three Israeli Bat/Bar Mitzvah Curricula as Gender, Theological, and Autobiographical Texts

May. 12, 2008

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 74, Issue 2, pages 144 - 180


The author provides a deep insight into education for and the practice of Bat Mitzvah in the context of the State of Israel. She provides readers with descriptions of Bat Mitzvah curricula used at religious state schools, state schools and TALI schools. As she presents and analyzes three very different approaches, she tells readers about the ways in which gender and theological issues influence how the curricula unfold, and she also suggests the ways in which the lives of the curriculum writers influenced curriculum decisions they made. She thus helps readers understand the specific focus of her study, Bat Mitzvah in Israel, as well as how these multiple factors can influence the ways in which any curriculum of Jewish education may emerge.

Updated: Oct. 04, 2008