MA in Education: Blended Learning Program specializing in Jewish Education


Source: Melton Center for Jewish Education


The Blended Learning MA program specializing in Jewish Education, offered by the Seymour Fox School of Education through the Melton Centre for Jewish Education, is currently registering students for its fourth cohort. The program is designed for those seeking to learn about the challenges and opportunities of Jewish education in the 21st Century at a level that goes beyond the everyday problems of the educator.

Participants have an opportunity to pursue an MA degree at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, without having to leave their place of work or residence, wherever they are located. The program is conducted in English and can be completed in a single calendar year. It includes two semesters of online courses and an intensive summer semester in Jerusalem.

The courses deal comprehensively with the theory and practice of Jewish education at a high academic level and are delivered by scholars from the Melton Centre for Jewish Education, which has been a Centre for research and postgraduate study in the field for over 50 years. Students and graduates include formal and informal educators, school administrators, teachers, researchers, as well as lay-people who are passionate about the field of Jewish education.

The program has proved that online learning, particularly when blended with a face-to-face component is not only a highly effective mode of learning, but it also makes possible the creation of a community of learners who network and share ideas even after graduation.

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Updated: Jul. 29, 2018