The Forward's Guide to American Synagogues


Source: The Forward 


Here at the Forward, we had a big dream. What if we could serve as a clearinghouse for basic information about synagogue life across this country, from older, established institutions to newer independent minyanim and spiritual communities? What if we could create a crowd-sourced compilation of data that will serve as a resource to readers nationwide and offer synagogues of all shapes, sizes and denominations a chance to share their story? And so, our ‘synagogue guide’ was born.

Here, we tried to capture a portrait of American Judaism. Who is going to synagogues today? What are membership numbers like — that is, who is investing in their community’s future? What do modern-day synagogues look like? Are they traditional institutions, or independent-minded spiritual communities, reimagining what it means to be a place of prayer, learning and community in the 21st century?

Below, we welcome you to explore our findings, across denominations. Browse synagogues near you by state or check them out by denomination — alongside our relentless, independent journalism on Jewish communal and spiritual life. And thank you for being part of this dream.

Updated: Oct. 07, 2018