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Makom is a strategic collaboration between the Jewish Agency and local North American community leaders to put Israel back into the heart of all Jewish life. It starts with commitment. Then together, mapping existing community Israel-centered programs and building on those resources to develop a multi-year strategy that creates and delivers compelling educational, cultural and travel content and experiences that deepen individual and community engagement with Israel.


In 2004 North American Jewish communities and the Jewish Agency began a partnership now called Makom – the Israel Engagement Network. Through this network they have succeeded in laying intellectual groundwork and inspiring new initiatives that have significantly advanced the field of Israel education. Currently, 13 Federations are part of this network.

Makom operates on two levels:


On the first level, it is a way of looking at Israel engagement in a creative way which creates dynamic new approaches and models for Israel education and programming.


On the second level, Makom is a joint commitment between The Jewish Agency and a community to engage in a two-year process, create change within the community and develop new communal capacity and structures for Israel engagement.


The communities currently in the Makom network are Cincinnati, Cleveland, Metro-West, Miami,
New York, Northern New Jersey, Palm Beach County, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis, Toronto and Washington DC.


Among Makom's initiatives:


Makom Israel Travel Institute

A unique Israel discovery experience for community professionals, volunteer leaders, educators, and travel professionals dedicated to Israel travel as a fundamental Jewish educational practice. March 15-19, 2009.


Makom – Haaretz Interactive Website

An interactive website with Jewish – Israel content supporting an ongoing conversation about hugging and wrestling with Israel.

Updated: Nov. 16, 2008