ORT Argentina’s Virtual Campus Presented at International Conference


Source: World ORT News


ORT Argentina's Virtual Campus CEO Guillermo Lutzky is scheduled to present the virtual campus initiative at the prestigious Online Information Conference to be held in London between Dec. 2-4, 2008. The virtual campus, designed to serve two educational complexes, 7000 students and 1000 teachers, exposes students and teachers to new technologies, especially Web 2.0 applications and services, achieving a richer interaction between students, teachers, administrators, the Internet as a learning platform and the school community.


The first stage of the virtual campus development utilized blogs as the delivery technology. There are presently 250 active blogs opened since June, 2007. They form a network of blogs which includes blogs of school subjects, teachers blogs, collective blogs (from teachers to teachers and from teachers to students), students blogs, school projects blogs and institutional blogs.


The campus has brought about improved motivation and learning as well as increased communication and collaboration between students, faculty, administration and parents.

Updated: Nov. 20, 2008