Israel in Picture Books

March 5, 2020

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


How do Jewish educators navigate the multiple demands of their work in Israel education, especially when the target audience is young children?

Sivan Zakai, a scholar and researcher of Israel education for young children, suggests three things when it comes to Israel education and early ages:

  • Transparency: Hiding information from children is not only futile, it also leaves children with excess anxiety and no outlet for clarifying information.
  • Discussion: It is vital to establish a healthy dialogue about difficult subjects with children of all ages in order to promote feelings of security.
  • Trust in children’s ability to understand complex information: Difficult topics cannot be changed but can be reframed in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Picture books can serve as a powerful resource for teaching children in a meaningful way about Israel and can help children understand core concepts and what they mean. Most of all, stories serve as a jumping-off point for sincere and open conversation.

What makes picture books so appealing and effective in teaching children?

  • Pictures and illustrations shape children’s first impressions of a book.
  • The picture books teach children about the world and about themselves.
  • Picture books introduce signs and symbols, which enhance abstract thinking.
  • Reading picture books to children allows adults to revisit the books they read as children and see them through children’s eyes.
  • How to choose picture books about Israel? Consider the following questions.
    • What are the lenses through which Israel is being shown to children?
    • What does the book tell children about Israeli society?
    • Who are the people we meet through the story?
    • Which places do the children see in the book?
    • What issues are presented?

If we educators are serious about educating for understanding, we need to treat children with respect and acknowledge the fact that they can think in a sophisticated way. We need to choose teaching materials that present Israel in a thought-provoking, complex manner and educate children about tolerance and understanding of differences among people. Picture books can help in changing perceptions about Israel and all its citizens.

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Updated: Mar. 11, 2020