UnitED FAQ Findings for Education for Corona and Beyond

July, 2020

Source: UnitED


UnitED, a branch of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, together with CET and philanthropists around the world, aims to strengthen Jewish Day Schools around the globe. During the Coronavirus pandemic, UnitED established an emergency training center for teachers on building successful distance learning models. Now that schools are on summer break, UnitED convened a global group of Jewish day school educators to discuss lessons about education. They shared challenges, failures, and successes and set goals to benefit teaching and learning during and beyond COVID-19.

While education was thrust into online learning, many educators were unprepared. Some learned to adapt, many had successes, while others will look back and have permanent eye rolls (or a combination of the three). We created this UnitED’s Guideline to JDS Education for Corona and Beyond to empower educators, parents and communities to make careful choices moving forward, selecting block by block to build successful learning models. The approaches are not limited to challenges faced during the pandemic. Coaching, prioritizing and addressing issues are appropriate for any disruptions or hurdles educators face. These are our findings, and we have hyper-linked some interesting articles as specific examples of suggested strategies. Note - these articles are introductory, much more information is available in books and online for those strategies you want to pursue.

Three essential pillars needed for success:

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Meaningful Judaic and General Studies Learning 
  • Intentional Communication and Relationship Building

These are the three wheels on which the tricycle of education rests and all are needed for learning to move forward. However, with many uncertain hurdles that still await, it is essential to take a moment to prioritize main challenges. You cannot pick them all at the same time.

See the guideline to help you with this.


Updated: Jul. 16, 2020