Nextbook's One Book, One Congregation Program


Source: One Book


Nextbook, a non-profit institution devoted to promoting Jewish cultural literacy, has announced the "Big Jewish Read" — a call to synagogues across the US to harness the power of Jewish literature and create spirited discussions for their congregation around a Jewish-themed book from Nextbook's Jewish Encounters series.


Nextbook provides congregations ordering 20 or more copies of titles from their critically acclaimed Jewish Encounters series a 50% discount on the cost of the books and free shipping. A General Program Guide, which outlines a roadmap for creating a One Book program in the community as well as companion Readers' Guides and Program Guides specifically related to the ordered book are also provided.


The community program leaders can enroll in the Leader's Forum, an online private discussion group for leaders participating in the One Book program. The forum allows program leaders to talk to others about program ideas and learn about programs in other communities and settings.


The titles of Nextbook's Jewish Encounter series were written by first rank writers about people, ideas and events from the Jewish past in a lively, popular manner.

Among the titles:


Marc Chagall


Emma Lazarus

Jews and Power

Resurrecting Hebrew

Updated: Dec. 28, 2008