In tech times we still need to invest in people

August 3, 2020

Source: The Jewish Chronicle 


In September, the London School of Jewish Studies is introducing a new programme combining leadership skills and Jewish studies. The Teach to Lead programme, based on the Teach First model, will develop high-calibre Jewish studies teachers across primary and secondary schools.

The new cohort will be tasked with re-envisioning Jewish education for the 21st century to ensure we don’t only replicate old methods and approaches but bring new perspectives and solutions. They will have the opportunities to learn from practitioners around the Jewish world. They must be able to think creatively about what our young people need today to respond to Jewish ideas and how to nurture thinking Jews who are strong in their identity, knowledgeable about their heritage and passionate about their Jewish faith.

They will need to integrate not only technology into their teaching but also real lived experiences. As the ongoing “Jewish Lives” study of young people in the UK discovered, the most impactful Jewish education is experiential. Exposure to learning outside the classroom, notably trips abroad to Poland and Israel, can markedly change outcomes in terms of Jewish engagement and connection.







Updated: Oct. 22, 2020