Jewish New Teacher Project Continues to Support Teachers and Elevate Jewish Education

October , 2020

Source: Jim Joseph Foundation 


Mentoring and training programs are hallmarks of the Jewish New Teacher Project’s (JNTP) efforts to support new and veteran day school teachers in Jewish and general studies. JNTP, a division of the internationally recognized New Teacher Center, has worked with more than 1,350 new educators across North America, helping close to 200 schools achieve teaching excellence by utilizing the New Teacher Center’s proven model of new teacher support to dramatically improve new teacher effectiveness, teacher retention and school culture.

JNTP-trained mentors—574 in total—support new teachers through weekly meetings, classroom observations, and by using data to inform instruction. More than 20,000 students per year have a teacher trained by JNTP. And now more than ever, JNTP’s efforts reflect a holistic approach, with resources, webinars, and communities of support that focus both on teaching strategies and approaches and on teachers’ wellbeing and mental health.

JNTP shifted rapidly to meet the needs of this unprecedented moment—and is positioned for myriad scenarios moving forward. JNTP Virtual Mentors can support teachers in any day school across the country and JNTP’s program team has reworked its in-person content for digital platforms that include both synchronous and asynchronous work.

Regardless of the delivery method, JNTP’s resources and best practices are based on almost 20 years of experience and evidence-based insights. Its community and school partnerships have long-term, whole-school impact that build capacity and elevate the entire day school field. In the past five years, 86% of all new teachers supported by JNTP-trained mentors are still in the field of Jewish education. The demand for JNTP’s efforts remains high: More than 35 schools, 63 mentors, and 65 new teachers are in JNTP’s New Teacher Induction Program, and more than 29 administrators from 21 schools are in its Administrator Support Programs at this time.

JNTP’s model was adapted from the New Teacher Center in Santa Cruz, California, which trains veteran teachers to provide two years of intensive mentoring to support new teachers in public schools across the country. JNTP’s efforts elevate teaching and learning in the world of Jewish education and enable schools to have more effective educators and school leaders positioned to help every student meet their potential.



Updated: Nov. 05, 2020