M² Launches a New Certificate Program in Virtual Experiential Education & Facilitation

December 10, 2020

Source: eJewish Philanthropy 


As an organization that believes in hands-on education, in-person gatherings have been our framework for creating holistic and meaningful participant experiences. When the pandemic emerged, we had to reimagine the possibilities for experiential Jewish education in a virtual format. Rather than thinking in terms of what we lost in the virtual space, we brainstormed how the values of connection, hospitality, and curiosity can transcend to other mediums.

So many of us are looking for that magic we took for granted – the joy of sharing a meal with someone new at a seminar breakfast; the hallway conversations that happen in the minutes before a session takes place; the space-holding for moments of deep introspection; the ability to share time and space with a valued chavruta partner.

M² is now thrilled to announce its new Certificate Program in Virtual Experiential Education and Facilitation. Developed with educators and Jewish community professionals in mind, the course is designed to upgrade participants’ facilitation techniques while providing them with a burst of inspiration and a professional boost.

The Certificate Program in Virtual Experiential Education and Facilitation provides professionals with frameworks, templates and tools for building powerful, intentional and immersive virtual learning experiences. Participants are equipped with tangible skills and opportunities for peer support to take their virtual and in-person education and facilitation sessions to the next level.

With tuition subsidies generously provided by the Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund (JCRIF), registration is now open on a first-come first-serve basis. Grab your spot today here.


Updated: Dec. 16, 2020