Partners in Torah: Judaism with a Personal Touch


Source: Partners in Torah


Partners in Torah, affiliated with Torah Umesorah - The National Society of Orthodox Day Schools, is a cost-free learning opportunity for Jews to discover Judaism – its culture, history, and traditions – at their pace and their schedule. Jewish men and women who have an interest in Jewish study but who may lack the academic background, are matched, one-to-one, with a carefully selected personal Torah trainer or mentor for up to an hour a week of study and discussion. The course of study is self-directed, driven by the personal, often varied interests of each participant. Partners in Torah currently has some 13,000 religiously diverse participants studying together each week in over 900 cities across North America.


Partners in Torah provides a number of different Torah study programs to make Torah study convenient and friendly for anyone interested:
  • Telepartners – weekly Torah study over the phone
  • Partners in Person – weekly one-on-one study sessions
  • Executive Study – weekly study sessions at the workplace
  • Campus Program – weekly study sessions on campus
  • Partners in Torah publishes a digital newsletter, Parsha Partner, with wide-ranging Torah resources available via email.

Recently Partners in Torah activities have begun in Israel and the UK.

Updated: Feb. 11, 2009