Hebrew College’s Big Plans Yield Big Debts

February 27, 2009

Source: Forward


Boston Hebrew College is fighting for its life. The school owes tens of millions of dollars and has spent the past two years slashing expenses and staff. With the economy in shambles and fundraising sluggish, the next couple of years may determine whether Hebrew College and other schools like it have any future at all.


Hebrew College, one of five existing independent Hebrew Colleges in the US and which has been a national powerhouse of Jewish education, providing a successful supplemental high school program, a non-denominational rabbinical school and a popular adult education program, is nonetheless facing financial difficulties which endanger its very existence.


The College administration has been making budget cuts and seeking new sources of support as well as promoting programs that could boost income.


Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, president of Hebrew College, is optimistic about the future, and feels that there is still an important place for Hebrew colleges as places where Jewish scholarship can be devoted to the needs of the Jewish community.

Updated: Mar. 15, 2009