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Darim Online is seeking a motivated and detail oriented graduate-level intern for the 2009-2010 summer and academic year. The intern will work full time for Darim during the summer months, and approximately 10 hours/week during the academic year. Primary responsibility will be focused on our Learning Network programs, and on the skills and interests of the candidate we choose. This is a paid internship for a current graduate student in Jewish education or a related field.


Darim Online is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Jewish organizations effectively utilize internet technologies to achieve their mission and goals.


The Darim Online Learning Network is a community of practice (CoP) comprised of staff and lay leadership from member organizations. The core of the program includes: a) webinars that are offered every 4-8 weeks featuring a guest expert on a particular topic, b) a focus on surfacing and promoting best practices from within the community, and c) sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas among participants. The webinars are complemented by one-on-one conversations, a listserv, and an online resource bank.


The Covenant Foundation has funded an initiative to expand the Learning Network’s reach to congregational educators who work with middle and high school students. The program selects up to 20 educators to participate in a one-year cohort starting in the fall. Educators will experiment with web 2.0 tools to help them address challenges in their work. Experts and Darim staff will infuse new knowledge and skills into the group and facilitate knowledge sharing as the educators work throughout the year on their projects.



This internship is comprised of two phases: Full time work through the summer (ideally in or near a Darim office, and part time (10 hours/week) work throughout the 2009-10 school year from your academic location. The intern will receive a $10,000 stipend over the course of the year. There may be modest financial assistance toward housing expenses available for an intern who is willing to relocate to the Charlottesville or New York City area for the summer.

The goal of the internship is to expose a graduate-level Jewish education student (or related field) to:

  • Innovations in a diverse range of traditional Jewish educational settings;
  • Unique and creative Jewish organizations involved in Jewish education;
  • New models for professional development for Jewish educators and other Jewish professionals;
  • Insight into managing a small business and grant-funded programs.

Applications open: March 4, 2009
Interviews begin: March 31 and will be conducted on a rolling basis
Acceptance to be announced no later than: April 17, 2009.

Updated: Mar. 23, 2009