Source: is an online course management system available for free to Judaic Studies teachers, who wish to add an online component to their classroom teaching. The moodle interface allows teachers to create online course components, which can be used to enhance face to face classes or even allow for distance learning. The system allows creation of various sorts of online activities such as interactive quizzes, message boards, wikis, glossaries, podcasts or online journals.


Teachers can upload any type of file to their TorahSkills course page and provide students with resources to access at home. This includes audio and video files, Word Documents, PDF's, PowerPoint presentations, Flash animations and embedded video presentations. Teachers can also very easily create interactive quizzes, web links, surveys, blogs, collaborative groups and more.


All activity on the website is trackable, thus quizzes can be automatically graded and teachers can see what links students have accessed providing for advanced pedagogical management capabilities.


Teachers can use the website to communicate with students and parents about homework assignments, upcoming tests, school events or any other pertinent information.

The site's pages provide links to Moodle tutorials to help both teachers and students take advantage of the learning environment.

The TorahSkills staff has created a number of model classes and activities on the site which can be viewed and utilized by teachers. Among them:

Rashi Script - This self paced course makes use of games, flashcards, quizzes and presentation software which enable students to recognize Rashi letters.

Mishnayot Sukkah Chapters 1 & 2 - You can review the text, play games, take quizzes, watch a video and more in this course.

Key Words in Sefer Bereishit - A series of quizzes on words which appear ten times or more in the first book of the Torah.

Updated: Apr. 06, 2009