GISHA - Conference on Teaching Hebrew to Students with Special Needs

April 26–April 27, 2009

Source: Hebrew College


The GISHA conference (Good Ideas Supporting Hebrew Access), to be held at Hebrew College, Newton Centre, MA, between April 26-27, will focus on how to help students with special needs to learn and use Hebrew reading skills in a variety of educational settings. Leading Jewish special education researchers and educators who specialize in Hebrew language will be presenting.


Conference highlights include pedagogical philosophies of teaching Hebrew language, second language acquisition, theories of reading competence, ways in which assessment can inform practice and the impact of learning disabilities on Hebrew reading.


Among the presenters:

Dr. Scott Sokol
Dr. Esther Geva
Dr. Tami Katzir
Dr. Scott Goldberg
Dr. Nina Goodman
Dr. Karen Gazith

Updated: Mar. 23, 2009


Facebook comments:


I do not think that I wll be able to attend this upcoming conference, but I am VERY interested on Jewish Special Education, especially in the area of teaching Hebrew reading skills. Is there any possibility that I can somehow receive or even purchase, if necessary, some of the information that will be discussed and shared at the conference? Thank yo verymuch!! Aileen Cwanger
Thank you for your interest in Hebrew College's upcoming GISHA (Good Ideas Supporting Hebrew Access) conference - Teaching Hebrew Reading to Students with Special Needs. We hope to make the conference on Jewish Special Education an annual event. In addition, we will be tapiing the main presentations of the conference for those unable to attend and will be creating a professional forum and e-journal. Individuals unable to attend the conference will be able to be a part of the forum for a $50 membership fee. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.
I am interested in attending and wanted to get info about the times for the conference so I can book flights. Thank you
This year's GISHA Conference will be held Sunday-Monday, April 25 & 26, 2010, at Hebrew College, 160 Herrick Rd., Newton Centre, MA 02159. The theme will be "Teaching Hebrew to Students with Special Needs: From Concept to Classroom." This conference will present practical teaching ideas for teachers in day and congregation schools who work in inclusive classrooms or who are providing support or coordinating support for students with special needs. Last year’s conference focused on Hebrew reading but this year we will include both spoken and written Hebrew. The conference will include featured speakers, workshops and poster sessions. For further information, contact Ami Blaszkowsky, Program Manager, Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Hebrew College, or 617-559-8624.