Paideia Project Incubator - 2009

August 3-12, 2009

Source: Paideia Project Incubator


The Paideia Project Incubator is a program for activists and entrepreneurs for Jewish culture who want to develop new projects in the educational, cultural, communal and institutional fields. The Incubator offers professional and experienced faculty and an intensive, effective studying program including lectures, workshops, peer-groups, courses in Jewish Textual Studies, individual counseling, and meetings with foundation representatives – all aimed at promoting, guiding and advancing participants projects.


The fourth annual Paideia Project-Incubator will take place between August 3rd and August 12th 2009 in Stockholm, allowing participants to:


  • create a pan-European network for joint-activity;
  • gain in–depth knowledge in project development;
  • broaden Jewish cultural horizons;
  • receive experienced tutoring - from project conceptualization and developing Jewish content – to fundraising and proposal writing;
  • gain access to foundations and funding organizations;
  • receive follow-up project tutoring.

    Application Deadline: April 15th.

The Paideia Project-Incubator 2009 is a joint-program of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies is Sweden; The European Jewish Fund (as part of the European Jewish Fund Leadership Program at Paideia); UJA - the Federation of NY and Pratt Foundation's Pradler NGO Empowerment Program.


Participation at the Incubator is free of charge, and all parts of the program are held in English.

Updated: Mar. 23, 2009