Bea Zucker On-line Bible Study Program


Source: International Council of Jewish Women


The International Council of Jewish Women is launching a new and interactive Bible Study Program for women all over the world, written by Dr. Bonna Devora Haberman for Bar Ilan University’s Rappaport Center for Assimilation Research and Strengthening Jewish Vitality. The program is entitled "The Five Books of Moses: Contemporary Issues and Classic Perspectives."


The course will be delivered over three years in monthly installments, with one study unit uploaded at the end of each month discussing one Parasha (section) from the Five Books of Moses. Dr. Haberman will examine contemporary issues and classic perspectives, quoting diverse Jewish and literary sources. The lessons are provided for thousands of members of ICJW’s 52 affiliate organizations worldwide or any other interested readers, including versions in Russian and Spanish.


The ICJW Online Forum will provide program participants with opportunities to respond to and discuss the material they are studying each month, with each other and with Dr. Haberman herself.


Dr. Haberman writes about the program:

"Using the internet, we are making Torah study even more accessible than ever and this has given birth to new ways of reading and relating to the Torah. Here we open to you the opportunity to work month-by-month through the Torah, reading each parasha and studying through a "feminist lens".These sessions aim to arouse and challenge you to study the Torah together with your life. In this new conversation among women around the world, let us take nothing for granted. I welcome you to probe the text with openness and sincerity."


"As feminist readers, we are sensitive to power relationships. Sacred texts influence our attitudes and behavior, and how we organize society. With this feminist learning, we seek to relieve injustice and oppression, to contribute toward more respect and dignity among people. We will meet women in their biblical world and delve into the lives of the inhabitants of the Torah. Through the internet forum, you will be able to interact directly with other participants and to build an international community of women Torah students. I offer my blessings for fruitful study and welcome you to this exciting new global women's Torah study initiative."

Updated: Jun. 08, 2009