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Dr. Richard D. Solomon has created a blog which he hopes will become a clearinghouse and forum in which people can exchange ideas on how to recruit, develop and retain exceptional Jewish educators through mentoring students, teaching candidates, and teachers in our day and supplemental schools. The blog is designed for Jewish teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, professors, consultants, staff developers and educational leaders in the field.


The blog contains numerous links and references to studies, papers and other hardcopy and web resources dealing with teacher and student mentoring. Dr. Solomon hopes to create on the blog an interactive forum of professionals interested in developing mentoring programs and skills in Jewish education.

Updated: Jun. 08, 2009


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For those interested the topic of mentoring Jewish students and teachers, you might want to examine our new textbook, Toolbox for Teachers and Mentors: Moving Madrichim to Mentor Teachers and Beyond. Here is a listing of the ten chapters in the text: Chapter One: What is a Teacher? Chapter Two: What Should I Be Teaching? Chapter Three: How Do I Plan Lessons? Chapter Four: Three Teacher-Directed Models of Teaching Chapter Five: Three Student-Engaged Models of Teaching Chapter Six: Reaching All Students: Differentiated and Individualized Instruction Chapter Seven: Transforming the Classroom into a Jewish Community of Cooperative Learning: Managing Student Behavior Chapter Eight: Mentoring Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers: Core Skills Chapter Nine: Mentoring Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers: Core Knowledge Base of Learning to Teach Chapter Ten: A Seven Stage Career Ladder for Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Jewish Educators for the 21st Century: Next Steps For additional information click on to these two web addresses: or
I was just thinking about Richard D. Solomon's Blog on Mentoring Jewish Students and Teachers and you've really helped out. Thanks!
Glad to be of assistance. Shana Tovah, Reuven
Readers interested in a podcast in which Richard Solomon explains the new eight stage career ladder to recruit, develop, promote and retain Jewish educators for our day and supplemental schools can click on to this web address: The podcast was made by the Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning whose web address is
Dr. Paul A. Flexner has written a review of Toolbox for Teachers and Mentors: Moving Madrichim to Mentor Teachers and Beyond in the spring 2010 issue of Jewish Book World, a quarterly of the Jewish Book Council. The Sosland Resource Center of JESNA has printed Dr. Flexner's review on their website at this web address:
For readers interested in taking a graduate course on mentoring teachers and administrators in a Jewish professional learning community, Dr. Hana Bor and I will be teaching that course this summer at Towson University (Baltimore Hebrew Institute). Here is the url for this graduate course:
For people interested in training high school students and adults to become Judaic educators, click on to this website: For those interested in joining a social network of people who wish to enhance Jewish education and teacher training through blended learning click on to this website: