HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education - Parents

Autumn. 2009

Source: HaYidion


HaYidion, RAVSAK's journal of Jewish education, explores topics of critical interest to day school leaders, advocates, families and supporters. Each quarterly issue focuses on an aspect of Jewish day school life, unpacking it from a wide variety of perspectives, offering both theoretical frameworks and pragmatic approaches. The current issue of HaYidion tackles the theme of parents head on with meaningful articles and practical advice and recommendations in a wide range of arenas with an eye to strengthening the partnership between schools and parents.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Parents as Partners - Patrick F. Bassett
  • When Two Worlds Meet: Parent Reactions to What Children Bring Home From School - Alex Pomson
  • What Parents Should Hear From Day School Leaders - Jill Kessler
  • What Do Day School Parents Really Think? School Leaders Get Their Own Report Cards - Bonnie Hausman and Suzanne Kling
  • The PTO: Forging Connections at School - Zvi Schoenburg
  • What to Expect When It’s All Unexpected: Parenting a Middle Schooler - Jeffrey Kobrin
  • Building the Buzz: Parents as Ambassadors for Jewish Day School - Rebecca Egolf
  • Wearing Two Hats I: Parents as Board Members - Audrey Goldfarb
  • Engaging Parents for a Successful Parents Fund - Ryan Carmichael
  • Grandparents: An Untapped Resource - Gary Drevitch
  • Wearing Two Hats II: Parents as School Employees - Nehemia Ichilov
  • Some Varieties of Problem Parents - Paul Shaviv
  • Pebbles in our Sandals: Difficult Parents in the Jewish Day School Setting - David A. Portnoy
  • Between the Match and the Fuse: Mussar Advice for Day School Parents - Alan Morinis
  • "Bookcase" on Parents - RAVSAK Staff
Updated: Nov. 04, 2009