Second International Jewish Special Education Conference - GISHA – Call for Submissions

April 25-26, 2010

Source: Hebrew College


This year's Jewish special education conference - GISHA (Good Ideas Supporting Hebrew Access) will be held on Sunday-Monday, April 25-26, 2010 at Boston's Hebrew College, and will explore the topic, "Hebrew for Diverse Learners: From Concept to Classroom." Submissions for presentation at the conference are welcome from all those interested and involved in research in Jewish special education on topics of relevance to the theme of this year's conference.


Last year, Boston's Hebrew College hosted its first international Jewish Special Education Conference - GISHA (Good Ideas Supporting Hebrew Access). The event attracted nearly 200 Jewish educators, specialists, and researchers from the United States, Canada and Israel, who gathered together to learn from one another and to explore new and exciting ways to teach students with special needs how to read Hebrew.


For information related to the conference program and submissions for presentation, please contact either Dr. Sandy Miller-Jacobs, Professor of Special Education and Director of Special Education Programs or Dr. Scott Sokol, Bernard J. Korman Professor of Jewish Special Education.

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