Center for Israel Education One-Week Professional Development Workshop

June 20-25, 2010

Source: Center for Israel Education


The Center for Israel Education in Atlanta, GA will be holding a week - long professional development workshop on the history, culture and politics of Modern Israel for teachers of grades 5-12 this summer. During the workshop, teachers encounter new content material, create curriculum, review and learn new teaching strategies. By the end of the workshop, teachers are formed into teaching cohorts and have established exclusive internet linkages for sharing contemporary and future best practices. Teachers return to their schools with a substantial collection of media material, visual arts, and resource information.


Over a thousand North American teachers from more than 350 Jewish schools have participated in CIE's interactive learning workshops over the last ten years.


To participate, teachers must submit a letter of support from their head of school or educational director, stating explicitly that the participation in the workshop will guarantee substantial integration or augmentation of new Israel curricula obtained at the workshop. Each teacher must pay a $150 registration fee and their travel expenses. No refunds will be provided if a teacher drops out before the workshop, but a substitute with similar skills can be assigned by their head of school. Participants must be able to stay at the workshop site for the duration of the workshop.



The registration deadline is February 25, 2010. Please submit an application form, a letter of support from your head of school or educational director, and the registration fee. All other workshop costs, including meals, single-room hotel accommodations, and reproduction and shipping of resource materials, will be covered by generous grants from the workshop sponsors. Kosher dietary laws are observed.

A special travel grant of up to $250 is available for the first 20 day school teachers who apply.

Updated: Dec. 23, 2009