MOFET JTEC Seminar for Community Leaders and Educators – Summer 2010

June 22 – July 12, 2010

Source: MOFET JTEC Leadership Seminar in Israel


The MOFET JTEC Leadership Seminar in Israel will deal with issues and models of Jewish leadership throughout the history of the Jewish people, up to the present time, examining the participants' management and leadership styles and helping them promote community leadership in the roles they are currently performing or will perform in the future.


The Leadership Seminar will focus on the following aspects:

Historical aspect – Exposure to leadership narratives, to leaders' dilemmas in the context of the places in which the historical events occurred in the Land of Israel, and to the Jewish texts that tell their stories (the Bible, the Mishnah, the Talmud, and new Hebrew sources);


Contemporary aspect – The examination of the roles of Jewish community leadership with regard to topics such as the Hebrew language, the Hebrew calendar, the circle of Jewish life, Holocaust commemoration, production of events, and guidance of groups;


Future aspect – A discussion of the role of Jewish leadership in fostering Jewish and community identity and in positioning Israel among Diaspora Jewry;


Professional aspect – Assisting every participant in defining ways to develop his personal leadership, based on a variety of models.


Learning Methods:


Lectures – Presentation of leadership models and expressions of leadership in Jewish history;

Encounters – Becoming acquainted with leaders and leadership models in various realms of Israeli society (political, military, educational) – a personal encounter;

Study tours – Following in the footsteps of biblical, Mishnaic, and Talmudic leaders, modern era, and IDF commanders in regions where battles were fought;

Workshops – Exposure to materials and practice in fostering Jewish identity.

To obtain full details and information and/or to receive registration instructions, contact Dr. Tova Perlmutter.

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