The 2010 Covenant Grants


Source: The 2010 Covenant Grants 


The Covenant Foundation invites applications for the 2010 Covenant Grants for innovative programs in Jewish schools, agencies, community organizations, and other institutional settings. These grants will provide funding to help creative Jewish educators develop and implement significant and cost-effective approaches to Jewish education that are potentially replicable in other settings. Covenant Grants may also be awarded for projects whose purpose is to disseminate particularly effective existing programs. Although there are two Covenant Grant categories, Ignition and Signature, applicants should submit only one letter of inquiry in only one grant category in any given year.


Covenant Ignition Grants

Applicants for one-year Covenant Ignition Grants may request up to $20,000. These grants are meant to help recipients explore new, untested ideas, or to determine how established practices can become even more effective.


Covenant Signature Grants

Applicants for Covenant Signature Grants may request up to $250,000 for up to five years of support, generally no more than $50,000 per year.



Any institution, agency, or organization actively involved in transmitting Jewish heritage in North America is eligible to apply for a Covenant Grant. This includes day schools, congregational schools, central agencies of Jewish education, Jewish community centers, teacher resource centers, summer camps, museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions concerned with the issue of Jewish identity. Only a tax-exempt, non-profit organization may serve as the sponsoring organization of a Covenant Grant proposal.

Updated: Jan. 12, 2010