JESNA'S Picks for the Best in Jewish Education of the Decade

January 7, 2010

Source: JESNA


Rlka Levin of JESNA has published a list of achievements, developments, ideas, and trends in Jewish education worthy of note and gratification which have emerged over the last decade. Although the Jewish education scene faces many critical issues and challenges, the author feels that it's been a pretty good decade for Jewish learning marked by many exciting developments, new ideas, and promising directions.


On the list:

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel
  • Funding Partnerships to Transform Critical Sectors of Jewish Education
  • Consumer-Centric Education
  • The Rise of the Innovation Sector
  • Congregational Educational Change Initiatives
  • The Revitalization of Jewish Camps
  • Online Jewish Learning
  • PJ Library
  • Jewish Service Learning
  • "Public Space" Jewish Education
  • A Focus on Outcomes
Updated: Jan. 12, 2010