Making Jewish Education Work: Professional Development for Educators


Source: Making Jewish Education Work: Report 4


The fourth publication in the "Making Jewish Education Work" series of JESNA's Publications and Dissemination Project, this report, based on JESNA's Berman Center for Research and Evaluation evaluations and Learnings & Consultation Center reports of Jewish education professional programs, aims to serve as a guide for those who design and implement professional development programs for educators.


Among the areas covered by the report are:

  • What is Professional Development?
  • Important Components of Professional Development
  • Who Should “Staff ” Professional Development Opportunities and Who Should Serve as “Faculty”?
  • What Makes a Professional Development Program “Excellent”?
  • How Should We Measure the Success of Professional Development Programs for Educators?
  • How Does Professional Development Lead to Change and Growth?

The report includes an appendix with descriptions of the referenced professional development programs for Jewish educators who work in different contexts, including classroom teachers, experiential educators, school principals, rabbis, and executives of Jewish organizations.

Updated: Mar. 23, 2010