Moreh L'Morim - Eilu V’Eilu: The Tradition of Sacred Argument in Jewish Education

8-10 August, 2010
Source: Moreh L'Morim  
The Siegal College, Cleveland, OH is devoting its summer institute to Eilu V’Eilu: The Tradition of Sacred Argument in Jewish Education. The institute to be held in Cleveland on August 8-11, 2010, will be led by the full range of the Siegal College Judaic and Education faculty as well as a set of national experts leading intensive tracks.
The Siegal College Summer Institute provides a rich selection of presentations and workshops for Jewish educators in diverse settings: those who work in day schools or synagogue schools, educators who work with learners from early childhood through adults, and individuals who design and implement family education and informal education programs.


During the conference four intensive tracks of study will be available:
  • The Biblical Conversation: Within Tanakh and Across the Ages with Dr. Alan Levenson and  Dr. Tamar Kamionkowski
  • Total Physical Response Hebrew (TPR) with Dr. Lifsa Schachter
  • Active Jewish Learning: Strategies to Enliven Your Classroom with Shoshanna Silberman
  • Developing Families and Communities that Love Torah: Tools and Signposts for the Journey with Rabbi Phil Warmflash and Joel Grishaver of the Consortium for the Jewish Family
During the conference, a special day of learning for Early Childhood Educators will be held on Monday, August 9th, 2010 -
The Building Blocks of a Jewish Future: The Work of Early Childhood Jewish Educators
Updated: Jun. 01, 2010