The Third International MOFET Online Conference - Teacher Education in the Age of Globalization – Call for Proposals

25 -26 January, 2011
The Third International Online Conference, "Opening Gates in Teacher Education, 2011: Teacher Education in the Age of Globalization," will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 25-26, 2011. This conference continues the Mofet Institute's tradition of international online conferences devoted to teacher education and education in general. This conference offers educators and teacher educators in particular, two days during which they can hear well-known personalities in the field of teacher education and hold discussions around issues related to their profession.
The entire Conference will take place online over the internet. Articles and presentations, both in Hebrew and English will be accessible on the Conference site. Interaction between presenters and participants will be encouraged in a wide variety of formats: papers, panels, workshops, meetings in virtual worlds, and more. Before the Conference, both presenters and participants can participate in practice sessions to become acquainted with the communication software being used and to build their own schedule for the Conference. 
Proposals for conference presentations on the following topics will be accepted until June 14, 2010:
1.   Teacher education policies and reforms in the age of globalization
2.   Tradition and innovation in teacher education
3.   The professional development of the teacher educator
4.   Ideology, diversity, multiculturalism and educating toward values
5.   The educational implications of scientific innovation
6.   The influence of ICT on education
7.   Jewish education in Israel and abroad
Updated: Jun. 01, 2010