GuideStar Israel – Online Database of Non-profit Organizations in Israel

A newly launched website containing profiles of each of the 30,000 registered non-profit organizations in Israel. GuideStar Israel is the main information website on non-profit organizations in Israel. It features official information regarding all NPOs in Israel out of the Registrar of NPOs databases, coupled with additional, richer and more "colorful" information which is provided by the NPOs themselves. This combination creates the most comprehensive and qualitative database of civil social organizations in Israel and provides internet presence to all non-profit organizations operating in Israel – to the largest, most established ones as well as to thousands of smaller organizations which have, thus far, not been able to exploit this medium.
GuideStar is a non-profit project developed by philanthropic bodies in conjunction with the Israeli government, and as such, it operates from within and for the benefit of the third sector, out of the belief that public transparency is an important means for the development of this sector. It sees great importance in providing "as is" information, without any judgment. This choice allows it to focus on providing surfers with maximum updated information, in a digital, accessible and convenient format for searching information about all active non-profit organizations in Israel.
Inclusion in the website as well as viewing records is free of charge and is open for everyone. Moreover, GuideStar serves as an important means for funds and donors in collecting information regarding non-profit organizations and making decisions regarding making donations and grants, and it is designed to assist NPOs in raising funds and other resources.
GuideStar Israel is a joint project of the Ministry of Justice, Yad Hanadiv and JDC Israel.
Updated: Aug. 15, 2010