The Promised Book Land: An Israeli Bookstore Offering Used Israeli and Jewish Books

The Promised Book Land is owned and run by Itamar Levy and Dorit Gani. Itamar is well known for locating out of print books and owns the Israeli "Itamar's Bookstore". Dorit has an academic degree in Hebrew Literature and has been working with Itamar for over ten years. This web site, which is aimed to be a homey, enjoyable and enriching place for every English reader who is interested in Israel, The Jewish People, Judaism and the Middle East. We promise to give each and every one of you personal treatment and hope to interest and surprise you with books and information that we update daily.  
We sell used books; most of them are out of print and rare.
We specialize in books about Israel, the Jewish People, Judaism and the Middle East. Our bookshelf is filled with books that cover these subjects from many angles: history, biography, art, photography, poetry, fiction, geography, religion and many more.  We make an effort to offer only books in good condition, but occasionally, a book's importance or uniqueness may make us offer it despite the fact that it is in fair condition. In order for you to be sure about your buy, each book's listing contains a detailed description of its condition.
Most of our books are in English. A few books may be in other languages such as Yiddish, German, French or Hebrew. In these cases, the language of the book is specified clearly in the book's listing.
The web site contains the following departments:
  • Book Shelf - The bookshelf contains the details of books we have in stock and that cover the subjects of this site (Israel, The Jewish People, Judaism and Middle East) from different angles. Books are added to the bookshelf daily, and are always placed at the beginning of the list. When entering the Bookshelf each Book's title, author, price and cover are shown. By clicking the title or the "+" sign near the title you can see additional details such as the book's description, content, language, opening, and publication.
  • Am Hasefer - A growing collection of Jewish annotated book-related pictures.
  • Did You Know? - This section includes pieces of information that we found especially interesting, funny or surprising. The book from which the information was taken is specified, and by clicking the book's name you can see its full details. New information is added constantly, and is always places at the beginning of the list. In order to see additional items, you should stand on the "select another topic" tab that appears on the left part of this section, and choose a topic from the list.
  • Inside Stories - In this section, subtitled "Small Stories about Great People"  you can read anecdotal and intimate stories about famous Jewish and Israeli personalities . A link at the end directs you to the book from which the information was taken. In order to see additional items, you should stand on the "select another book" tab that appears on the left part of this section, and choose a name from the list.
  • Book Search Engine – Searches all the titles on the web site by topic and language.
  • My Account - As soon as you become a registered member of the site, you can enter "My Account" and view your orders and book requests. When we find a book for you – you can see its details there, and order it if you want. Under My Account you can also modify your personal details.
  • Book Request Form - If you are looking for a book and cannot find it, please fill the Book Request form. We will make an effort to locate any book you ask for, and will notify you by email when a book that meets your request is found.
Updated: Sep. 19, 2010