Shluvim – MOFET Institute's New Social Network for Israeli Educators

Source: Shluvim
Recently, a new Hebrew language social network for Israeli educators, Shluvim, was launched by the MOFET Institute. The network aims to create a virtual meeting place for education professionals, teachers, lecturers, pedagogic mentors, researchers and others. Shluvim will strive to efficiently meet the needs for ongoing knowledge sharing, creation of communal knowledge, professional development and affective development and support between Israeli education professionals. Shluvim aims to provide a platform for teachers and teacher educators to keep professionally informed and in contact with colleagues and developments in the field thus fostering personal empowerment.
The Shluvim social network has been built on the ELLG open source social network engine housed on the MOFET Institute's Data Center server farm. The friendly interface was translated into Hebrew by Susan Tsairi of MOFET, allowing members to easily add information resources, create blogs and special interest groups, share links, report on events and share collaborative information items using information tags.
Yoram Orad is the pedagogic administrator of Shluvim and Susan Tsairi is its technological administrator. The project was initiated by Smadar Bar-Tal, head of MOFET's Online Teaching and Learning Environments.
Shluvim will serve as a platform for discussion and implementation of national and international educational and teacher training initiatives as well as a source of information about educational events and programs in Israel and around the world.
Updated: Oct. 17, 2010