MOFET - Teacher Education, Teaching and Information & Communication Technologies (T&T and ICT) Israel Seminar

March 27th - April 3rd, 2011
The MOFET Institute, which is involved in research and the professional development of teacher educators, and works toward the integration of communication and information technologies among the teacher educators and the decision makers in the field, invites you to participate in a unique study tour, which will include an introduction to The MOFET Institute, visits to teacher education institutions and institutions of higher education, trips to schools in which communication-based programs and online teaching are implemented, and an encounter with the Israeli hi-tech industry.
The study tour is geared for policy makers in the field of education, heads of faculties and lecturers in academic, educational, and teacher education institutions, and advisors and curriculum developers in the fields of education, teaching and ICT.
The study tour will take place in Israel from March 27th - April 3rd, 2011 and will include visits to historical sites and centers of modern day Israel.
Registration is currently under way for the program.
Updated: Nov. 14, 2010