Raising Responsible Youth in a Tech Savvy World

January 12, 2011
From texting to “sexting,” avatars to Twitter, MySpace to iPods; today’s youth are conversant in a technical world that couldn’t be imagined a couple of generations ago. But this world of electronic wonders includes serious dangers. Children today are exposed to precarious situations due to the advent of technology, from sending suggestive pictures, to developing online relationships, to easy access to pornography. Educators need to be aware of the capabilities of having such technology, and should be prepared to set parameters should they be necessary. This is essential to keeping our youth protected and letting them grow up in a developmentally appropriate manner.
This webinar will help school personnel better understand and address dangerous applications of technology impacting today’s youth. This is not a “technophobic” presentation. Instead the emphasis is on creating a healthy balance of helpful technology and protecting adolescents from its more destructive applications. Attendees will explore the different varieties of technology available, along with unhealthy ways in which this can be utilized. The ways in which technology is affecting youth academically and socially will be addressed as well.
Paul Simpson, Ed.D., is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with youth. He is a former case manager with Child Protective Services and helped create the Arizona Young Adult Program to work with adolescents placed in foster care.  Additionally, he is a former board officer with Arizona’s Provider’s Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Dr. Simpson has extensive experience with adolescent sex offenders, runaways and delinquent youth. He has provided inpatient treatment in four adolescent psychiatric hospitals and is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court as a forensic expert and specialist in evaluating adult and juvenile offenders. 
Dr. Simpson’s teaching experience includes instructing a graduate course in Adolescent Psychology with Northern Arizona University and as one of the nation’s leading educators on sexual compulsions. For the past 6 years, Dr. Simpson has provided full-day lectures in over 200 cities to thousands of counseling professionals and probation officers. He is the author of Seconds Thoughts, a ground-breaking book that was instrumental in helping expose the false claims and dangers of “recovered memory therapy.” Dr. Simpson has been a guest on Focus On The Family, The Joan Rivers Show, The Leeza Gibbons Show, Parent Talk Radio, Frontline, and Fox News. He has also been a professional consultant to a number of national media, including 20/20, 60 Minutes, NBC News, Nightline, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Chicago Tribune, Dateline, The Today Show, Focus On The Family, and Vanity Fair magazine.

What exactly is an online encounter?

The online encounter environment (WEBINAR) enables presentations, sites, programs and video movies to be presented in parallel to an interactive discussion with the audience by means of vocal and written communication and the use of signs for expressing emotion. Each participant has his own communication channel and can request and receive permission to speak and voice his opinions. The big advantage of online encounters lies in the fact that there is no need to go to the place where the event is being held since it is possible to participate in the activities at home. Most of the online encounters take place at times that are convenient for the participants.

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