Challenges and Psychological Adjustment of Religious American Adolescent Immigrants to Israel

Summer, 2016

Source: Israel Studies Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 27-49

In recent years a growing number of Americans have made the decision to immigrate to Israel. Immigration to Israel entails many challenges for a family. One segment of immigrants who are at particular risk for transition difficulties post-migration is adolescents. Considering the many biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes experienced by adolescents, including the identity formation process and its sensitivity to environmental changes, preliminary research and clinical evidence suggests that many adolescents respond to the immigration transition in negative ways. However, adolescent immigration in general is an understudied topic and is practically a non-existent subject of study in terms of the experience of American adolescents immigrating to Israel. In order to fill the existing gap in understanding how immigration to Israel impacts American adolescents, the current preliminary qualitative study investigated the immigration process and adjustment of recent US immigrant teens to Israel. 

This study points to several immigration protective factors that can inform future research in the area and educate families and professionals about the conditions necessary to enhance the likelihood of successful immigration to Israel for teenagers.

Updated: Jun. 01, 2016