The Carrier Pigeon – The Collaborative Workspace of Israeli Educators


Source: The Carrier Pigeon System 


The CEO of the Israel Ministry of Education recently announced the launching of a new collaborative workspace for Israel educators The Carrier Pigeon System. As part of the National Telecommunications Program for Adapting the Israel Education System to the 21st Century, the Carrier Pigeon system is being made available to the entire k-12 education community. . With the launching of the system, all communications between the Ministry of Education and members of the education community will be delivered to their personal secure Carrier Pigeon email accounts.


The Carrier Pigeon System is much more than a secure email account. It is an organizational mail system, with a secure collaborative platform, free of advertisements, with a rich set of applications built especially for the educators' community.


It includes:

  • A 10 GB mailbox with built in anti-spam and anti-virus applications
  • An organizational address book of all Israeli k-12 educators
  • Mailing lists, enabling easy communication between groups of educators
  • Personal address books
  • Personal and group calendars
  • Online storage space of 25 GB for backing up, storing and sharing digital resources
  • Instant synchronous messaging between teachers, principals, administrators and ministry of education officials
  • Online Microsoft Office 2010 for displaying, editing and collaborative work on documents, files and presentations (Office Web Apps)
  • "Green" communication, saving large quantities of paper

The new online communications system was created to improve the discourse between the community of educators and the Ministry of Education, to adopt 21st century tools in the day to day working of the education system, and to help the members of the educational community meet the national and individual objectives.

Updated: Jan. 25, 2011