the fut.ure of

Fall, 2010

Source: Jewish Educational Leadership. Fall 2010 (9:1) pages 18-20


In this paper, the author surveys the present educational technology scene to envision the possibilities for the future of Jewish education completely integrated with technology. TED lectures, MIT and other academic open courseware, the Khan Academy, the Indian $35 tablet computer, the Israeli Time to Know teaching initiative and collaborative Midreshet website might be pointing the way.

The author concludes:

"What will happen in five years? I do not know, but things will be different. Some teachers and schools will stay with the current model – outsourcing the development work to online course providers or "Time to Know" type of solutions. Others will participate in networks of educators creating their own content, most of it online, and manage a highly individualized classroom experience. Many more educators will do some of both – they will use ready-made solutions for content they feel that they need more help with while developing their own materials for content they are more comfortable with. To enable these new educational experiences to happen all the stakeholders will have to collaborate. Educators, administrators, school networks, content providers, and funders should work together to create the ecosystem that supports the innovation needed to cope with the challenge."

Updated: Jan. 31, 2011