EdJewTopia: Focus on Family Involvement

June, 2011

Source: EdJewTopia


As summer approaches, this issue of EdJewTopia focuses on bridging the gap between formal or informal education settings and the Jewish education that happens in the home. EdJewTopia is an e-newsletter devoted to the field of complementary Jewish education (CJE). There are hundreds of thousands of children engaged in community programs, synagogue schools, homeshuling, experiential retreats, and other modes of Jewish engagement. EdJewTopia is designed to highlight professionals' great work, support educators and parents with new tools, and inform the community at large about CJE.


Among the articles in this issue of EdJewtopia:

  • Why Family Education? - Nancy Parkes
  • Jewish Family Education in Detroit - Lisa Soble Siegmann
  • Mothers Circle - Marley Weiner
  • Focus on A Community: 92Y Shababa - Rebecca Singer

The issue also has a great family education conference opportunity and Cool Digital Tools!

Updated: Jun. 14, 2011