Jewish Educational Leadership. Summer, 2011 - Arts in Jewish Education

Summer, 2011

Source: Jewish Educational Leadership. Summer, 2011


The Summer, 2011 issue of the Lookstein Center's Jewish Educational Leadership is dedicated to the arts in Jewish education. It addresses questions such as: What is Jewish art? What should be the focus of arts education in a school in general, and in a Jewish school in particular? What is the role of "beauty" in developing meaningful, authentic Jewish practice or community? In what ways does art impact on individual development and learning? Should arts education focus on personal expression or appreciation of classic art? Should the arts be integrated into regular coursework or treated as its own discipline?


From the editor's introduction:

"We open this issue with a thoughtful reflection by artist Tobi Kahn. We continue with a review of literature on the arts in education by his colleagues at AVODA Arts, Josh Feinberg and Debbie Krivoy. David Debow articulates a theory of Jewish spirituality through the arts, Miriam Hirsch presents research on resistance to the arts, and Matt Williams closes the section with an analysis of using the arts in education.


Our Applications section is rich and varied. Robbie Gringras shares practical lessons on performance art, David Moss and colleagues present the work they are doing using art to explore Jewish themes and Gail Baker reflects on her arts-based school. Shimshon Hamerman bridges between theory and practice, Avi Rose examines the use of art to instill Jewish values in a post-high school program and Peretz Wolf-Prusan (together with one of his students) reflects on an innovative and transformative camp experience.


In our Features section, Levi Cooper’s From the Classics explores the world of cantorial music, or chazzonus, and focuses particularly on self-imposed limitations that hazzanim established for themselves. Finally, Prof. Mel Alexenberg, who is still (after many decades) at the cutting edge of arts education, graces our Perspectives page."

Updated: Sep. 19, 2011