The Ptil Tekhelet Marine Tour


Source: The Ptil Tekhelet Marine Tour


Don’t miss the amazing story of how…a Pharaoh, a Roman Soldier, three snails, a molecule, and the sun come together to make a simple blue thread called….Tekhelet. The Ptil Tekhelet Organization offers marine snorkeling tours at the Dor/Nachsholim beach in search of the "hillazon" (marine snail), used to produce the ancient tekhelet dye, in its local habitat. The tour also includes viewing an educational video on the history, archeology, biology, chemistry and halacha of producing techelet for use in tzitzit, the fringes Jews are commanded to wear on their garments. The tour concludes by actually dying wool from the hillazon as it was done in ancient times.


The 4 hour tour includes:

  • A visit to the ancient glass musem at Nachsholim.
  • Viewing "The Mystery of Tekhelet" video,
  • Snorkeling in search of the Murex trunculus marine snail.
  • A hands on session of dying wool with tekhelet produced from the Murex trunculus marine snail.

The Ptil Tekhelet Organization is once again happy to announce that it will be conducting 1/2 day tours at Hof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron Yaacov) this upcoming Hol Hamoed Sukkot on Sunday through Tuesday (October 16-18, 2011). The tours combine an exciting experience of fun and learning for the whole family.


Advance reservations are required.

Updated: Oct. 04, 2011