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IsraelKids is a brand new site for all you need to know in family fun, activities, and resources in Israel! We have hundreds of listings for local services, resources, activities, tiyulim, creative ideas with food and crafts, and lots more! We also publish savings coupons of hundreds of shekels on deals via our twitter feed (@israelkidsinfo) and facebook page.


How to use the IsraelKids site:

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    If you’re looking for local information such as activities or resources, set your location to your city and begin checking. You can always change location on the top right corner if you want to see what’s happening all over!

  2. Looking for a music teacher? Pediatrician? Family Activity? Try our Directory

    We are constantly adding services to our directory so keep checking. If you do not see it here, you can add it yourself or tell the service provider to add themselves. It’s free!

  3. Local and Country Wide Events

    Find information here about all events local and country-wide. Take advantage of story time, gymborees, local plays, and festivals.

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    Find tips and articles on parenting, activities, health and general fun on our blog.

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    The events and services described on IsraelKids can help both residents and tourists find interesting activities for the whole family.

Some of the items presently listed:

  • Fun Family Activities in the North, Sukkot 2011
  • Sukkot Festivals in and Around Jerusalem
  • A Family Trip to the Machtesh Hagadol
  • Celebrate Israel’s Dairies on Sukkot
Updated: Oct. 05, 2011