Sustained! Viable Jewish Day Schools for an Enduring Future – Issue 3

Oct. 04, 2011

Source: Sustained! - Issue 3


The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE), released a new issue of their bi-monthly webzine - Sustained! Viable Jewish Day Schools for an Enduring Future. This issue contains interesting materials to help ensure the continued vitality of Jewish day schools.


Among the pieces in this issue:

The top story, Not Your Nana’s Annual Campaign, shows how some schools have forcefully pushed their campaigns into the 21st century.


The feature, Pulling Your Alumni into the Annual Campaign, uses data to determine the best way to turn grads into donors.


The second episode from the Case Study of Jewish Day School Leadership: The Choreography of Transition, dramatically illustrates what happens when a school needs to rethink its culture and responsibly shift course.


The Virtual Assembly translates Twitter-speak into English, which should allow the Twitter-phobes out there to take ahold of this powerful social media tool. When appropriately used, Twitter can start and maintain relationships with all sort of machers in the Jewish community.

Updated: Nov. 02, 2011