Annual Conference of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies - Old New Jews: Jewish Identity in the 21st Century

Feb. 12-13, 2012

Source: Annual Conference – AAJS 


The 2012 Conference of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies, to be held in Melbourne on February 12-13, 2012, focuses on examining how the 21st century will sustain and transform Judaism and Jewish identities. It looks to past models of Jewish culture and identity in order to provide a comparative perspective on current and future trends impacting on Jews and Judaism.


Papers and keynote addresses will look at questions of Judaism and Jewish identity – its transmission, diversity, and specificity in relation to national and global settings.


The conference will look at how the Israel-Diaspora relationship is being remodeled; Jewish institutional life; the impact of new technologies; Judaism in an age of choice and hybrid identities; demographic trends and marriage patterns; population movements and scholarly constructs of ethnicity, identity and social cohesion.


Papers will cover a broad range of themes:

  • Models of Jewish identity through the ages
  • Israel, Middle East and globalization
  • New technologies and virtual Jewish communities
  • Jewish education and globalization
  • Jews and language
  • Judaism in an age of choice
  • Immigration, multiculturalism and globalization
  • Antisemitism and globalization


  • Dr Daniel Gordis
  • Professor Samuel Heilman
  • Dr Bethamie Horowitz
  • Professor Andrew Markus
  • Professor Moshe Semyonov
  • Dr David Shneer
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